How our resource works with cookies?


SoftLike uses cookies to identify you among other visitors to our site. This allows you to save data for your interaction with the site and improve its performance.


How does cookie work?


Cookies are data that a website sends to a computer to store or collect certain analytical information. Modern web browsers automatically accept cookies, but their settings allow you to disable the reception of these files. However, after turning off cookies, you will not be able to use the site in its entirety. Cookies are unique data for the resource that created them, so other sites do not have access to them. This means that cookies can not be used to track your moves on the Internet. Cookies help identify a visitor's computer, but they do not identify him / her to save passwords and credit cards.


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What happens when you turn off cookie downloads depends on which cookie you turn off. However, in most cases the use of the website will be limited. Here are instructions for turning off cookies in most web browsers.


Turn off cookies in Internet Explorer


1. Go to the Tools menu, then Internet Options

    2. & nbsp; Choose the Privacy tab
    3. Change the settings you want


Turn off cookies in Google Chrome


1. Go to Settings, then «Advanced»
    2. In the "Privacy and Security" section, select "Web Content."
    3. Click "Cookies"


Disable cookies in Safari


1. Go to "Options", then "Privacy"

    2. Click Delete All


Disable Cookies in Firefox


1. Select the Tools menu, then Settings

    2. Click on the Privacy icon
    3. Go to the "Cookie" menu and select the required options


Turn off cookies in Opera


Opera 6.0 or later:


1. Go to the Files menu, then Settings

    2. Select the Privacy & Security tab
    3. Find the Cookie item